LUNAC and the AVEYRON department

The outstanding reasons to live here

Welcome to Lunac,

Lunac is happy to welcome you for your holidays
Or to settle your new home there.
A place where anything is possible, you just have to make a start,
Choose a quality of life in a special environment,
A good harmony between Man and the Nature
That makes it possible, together, to go forwards.
Between Resources and the Earth,
The wisdom of the rural world and its character,
It is always possible to live in symbiosis                      
And here, in Lunac, nothing is against it.

Le CV de Lunac

  • Habitants : Lunacois – Population : 434
  • GPS 44° 14’ 11’’nord 2° 06’ 51’’ est
  • Altitude : de 260m à 562M

Did you know that the Aveyron department is the one where you can find the having the most villages classified ‘’Most beautiful villages of France’’?

You will be able to see these 10 villages during your visits to the Aveyron. But that’s not all. Seeing our cities and villages, will help you discover, among other things, the world of the Knights Templars, Bastides of Rouergue and Grands Sites.
An excellent reason to go to places full of history and heritage.

The preserved Aveyron

This is its greatest asset because preserved as it was from the great migratory flows of people, the Aveyron is untouched nature, sometimes wild, but also inhabited and therefore alive, economically powerful (the 2nd regional economy behind the powerful Haute-Garonne), with an unemployment rate close to 6% enough to put the Employment Service to shame.

In addition, its heritage is very rich and beautifully preserved by men who know the value of such things.

It is certain that when you live in Aveyron you become an Aveyronnais, you embrace its values you become an ambassador for the Department.

Why come to settle in Lunac and in Aveyron in particular ?

Open skies


Natural spaces

From Lunac, the ancient bastide town of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, a true pearl of Rouergue is 20 minutes away, Toulouse is 90 minutes, Albi and Cahors are 60 minutes, but the sweetness of life is in the country.

To the north, the Aubrac has the austere serenity of the cow mountains with their cow herds and the gentle slopes of the ski resorts, the tasty aligot, the magnificent landscapes ‘’almost out of this world’’ – and who would not want that!

> You prefer the French or Spanish Pyrenees, Principality of Andorra, so you will need between 3.5 to 4 hours to get there.

> The Lot and the Truyère valleys are treasure of well-being and wild beauty.
> The capital, Rodez, finally, is the economic and cultural heart on which the sandstone cathedral stands so proudly

And then the Mediterranean Sea. It is a 2h30m drive, crossing the sumptuous landscapes of the plateaus of the Regional natural Park of the Grands Causses, passing over the splendid viaduct of Millau and then descending gently towards the ‘’Grande Bleue’’.

How about money and housing ?

As soon as one moves away from the cities the real properties are much cheaper, good opportunities are accessible even to young families, and here, for a house of 100 – 120 m² on the ground, on one level, ready to move in, the price is around 140 000 – 160 000 € because the skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen have followed the principle of well done work at reasonable prices while integrating modern comfort aspects : heating, insulation, environmental performance, origin and proximity of materials, aesthetics, which are all essential expectations from the owners.

There are also many old houses with walls one meter thick, empty (uninhabited) for several years due to the exodus of young people to cities, and they are waiting for owners, so if you have skillful hands, the Aveyron offers you a real chance to create your own property at an acceptable cost.

Staying at LUNAC

Building ‘’your own’’ is possible, the municipality still has some land in a small subdivision with surfaces of about 1000 m², where the price varies from 6 to 8 € per sqm.

Well-being and safety

Finally, in addition to everything else, you will find assurance of complete safety because the department is one of the safest in France: delinquency, aggression, degradation, incivility, gratuitous violence, burglaries, thefts, are not part of everyday life and this also matters in the choice of way and place of life.
And then you will breathe pure air, we forget it too often but it is our first vital need !

And the weather in West Aveyron?

Hours of sunshine 


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Mairie de Lunac
Le bourg
12270 Lunac


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05 65 81 40 16


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